The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative

Emergency Medical and Public Health Preparedness

Emergency Medical and Public Health Preparedness provides planning for lifesaving medical treatment and public health support to people in need within areas affected by emergencies.

It is important for hospitals and public health departments to work collaboratively. Without multi-agency Mutual Aid agreements, planning and coordination between hospitals, and access to specialized medical equipment, response to public health emergencies could be impaired.

The Bay Area has been instrumental in developing initiatives to ensure coordination between the emergency medical community and public health agencies, including: conducting full scale exercises, producing incident response guides, and purchasing specialized equipment.

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Working Group

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These resources were developed through a partnership between the Association of Bay Area Health Officers (ABAHO), the Bay Area Mass Prophylaxis Working Group (BAMPWG), and the Bay Area UASI, using local and national best practices from COVID-19. The Bay Area V-POD Operations Plan is designed as...

Resources include a toolkit and concept of operations intended to support the provision of disaster medical and behavioral health services in a general population shelter.



Bay Area Regional Air Quality Messaging Toolkit 


This Bay Area Regional Air Quality Messaging Toolkit should be used before and during air quality incidents to guide the public on preparedness and protective health measures.


This toolkit is organized in...